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Get in. Get out. Get Happy.

DECADENT DOG FOOD TRUCK offers guests the best of both worlds - 

delicious specialties at prices that will have you looking forward to your next visit.

Adele Hodges

Decadent Dog is a family business, which is owned and managed by Adele Hodges.  Adele is a retired Marine Colonel; who served over 33 years in the United States Marine.  After retirement, Adele decided to become an entrepreneur by starting a company by the name of RALDFO Group LLC.  One business under this company is the Decadent Dog Hotdog Food Truck.
Hotdogs are a comfort food that is enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.  The name “Decadent Dog” comes from the fact that our hotdogs are more than just hotdogs.  Our hotdogs are cooked and served with condiments that make them decadent.   Each hotdog is served with love and care to ensure that our customers enjoy the best meal possible.  

Decadent Dog Food Truck is available for festivals, special events, contract events, and invited events. The truck is usually based in the Bridgeport Connecticut area.   

Always fresh and always fast.